Faculty Information

A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations.

The teachers serve many other roles in the classroom. Teachers set the tone of their classrooms, build a warm environment, mentor and nurture students, become role models, and listen and look for signs of trouble. Our academic and non-academic faculty believe in continuously upgrading their professional and inter-personal skills. Our teachers strive towards grooming the students to become knowledgeable, confident and reflective individuals. They help students in discovering the special quality that sets them apart. Our teachers regularly take part in national and international seminars for staying updated on the latest curriculum changes, marking schemes, examiners report etc.

Name Designation Qualification
Ms. Arti Jha Principal M.SC., B.ED.
Mr. Ramesh Yadav Vice Principal M.A., B.ED.
Ms. Manisha Kekane Primary In-Charge M.A., D.ED.
Mr. Ashwinikumar Dubey Teacher B.SC., B.ED.
Ms. Sonam Pasalkar Teacher B.SC(IT).
Ms. Asma Kamal Teacher M.A., E.C.C.ED.
Ms.Fatima Moulvi Pre-Primary In-Charge M.Com., E.C.C.ED.
Ms. Anupriya Sarkar Teacher M.A., B.ED.
Ms. Sakshi More Teacher B.A., B.ED.
Ms. Manisha Yadav Teacher B.ED.
Ms. Sangeeta Dwivedi Teacher M.A., B.ED.
Ms. Nisha Jaiswal Teacher M.Com., B.ED.
Mr. Hiralal Yadav Teacher M.SC.
Ms. Shwetali Sawant Teacher M.SC(IT).
Ms. Anam Khan Teacher E.C.C.ED.
Ms. Rinki Dixit Librarian B.A., M.Lib.
Mr. Saif Khan Teacher
Ms. Noorunisa Shaikh Teacher M.A., B.ED., E.C.C.ED.
Ms. Priyanka Kirtane Teacher
Ms. Kirti Shrivastava Teacher
Ms. Zikra Bambotia Teacher M.Com., E.C.C.ED.
Ms. Sabreena Khan Teacher
Mr. Dhaneeram Vishwakarma Teacher
Ms. Sonali Giri Teacher B.SC(IT).
Ms. Radha Das Teacher
Ms. Nilofer Kotyan Teacher
Ms. Nayana Tayade Teacher B.A., E.C.C.ED., YTTC.
Ms. Raina Singh Teacher
Ms. Ankita Shaw Teacher
SPA Team (Sports & Performing Arts) Qualification
Ms. Vrushali Naik Sports Co-ordinator UEFA’B’License, H.S.C. LEVEL II.
Mr. Ashutosh Football Coach BFM., ‘D’ License.
Ms. Pooja Panchal Dance Teacher
Mr. S. M. Pillai Cricket Coach B.Com., Diploma in Sport Management, ‘D’ License.
Mrs. Sapna Srivastav Yoga Instructor B.com., Certificate in Yoga Instructor.
Admin Staff Designation Qualification
Mr. Ankush Bhoir Admin In-Charge B.Com.
Ms. Milan Gawas Staff BCA.
Mr. Rakesh Pawar Staff HSC.

*Certificates of CBSE Training Program attended by our Teachers.